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Media & Resources

This section will be added to as time permits. Please check back for updates.

Media Highlights

Dr. Bindu Paul of Johns Hopkins University and I were asked to give a talk to SolveME/CFS Initiative. Please see full presentation from October 2020 below.
In his summation of the 2016 IACFS/ME Conference, Dr. Anthony Komaroff, one of the world's leading experts on ME/CFS, highlighted my "impressive hypothesis" and called for additional research on the topic. Dr. Komaroff 's remarks can be heard here.
Selected 2016 IACFS Comments - Dr. Anthony Komaroff
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Here is a recap of the 2016 pre-conference held at NOVA Southeastern University from Health Rising, the leading source of information on ME/CFS. Please scroll down to the third section titled "Dr. Deth-- the Hydrogen Sulfide Connection".  Dr. Deth and I collaborated on research in B-12 and the mitochondria.

General Resources for Healthy Living


Functional medicine embraces a systems approach to health by trying to identify and address the distinct underlying causes of disease for each individual. Here is their site​.  


Eating nutritious, pesticide-free food is very important but not always easy. The “dirty dozen” list helps to make the choices clearer.


We live in a toxic world. Our lives and those of future generations depend on cleaning it up. Here is a round-up of timely environmental news. Please don't forget to read the good news in the left-hand column under the specific topics (toxification, children, water, etc.).  

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